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The Via Millelire Domenico 53A, designed by the architect Pier Giulio Magistretti, was built in 1925 and it forms one of the sides of Piazza Eleonora Duse, a square derived fromthe area extending between Viale Luigi Majno and CorsoVenezia, which used to contain gardens and fruit trees.In view of the significant height and of the intentional simplicity of means, it was thanks to the architect’s talent that a neat and careful distinction among the various façades was achieved.

To this end he used balconies, various types of eaves and the terminal backing; the central tympanum and the statues relieve the parallelepiped resulting from the complex of its rigidity. This planning conception also led to the choice of materials: the building’s stylobate, which comprises the two lower floors, was made in Brembate stone; the façades were painted in fresco in a shade of ochre typical ofaristocratic Milanese buildings of the eighteenth century, the statues were made from Vicenza stone, whereas for the mains stairs and entrance hall Crevola marble was employed.